Coincards does not charge a fee to customers within the USA.

Coincards makes commissions directly from the gift card vendors, and as such we are able to provide gift cards at face value.

We do not recommend sending funds directly from an exchange.

All payments must be made within 30 minutes of order creation. Many exchanges take hours if not days to send funds on withdrawal requests. This can cause funds to be frozen in our system.

Exchanges also typically “skim” fees from the amount being sent. This can often cause issues with underpayments. Underpaid orders will typically show as cancelled in our system and will not be processed.

Definitions of all our current order status’ are outlined on our Delivery Information page.

There are several reasons why a payment might not register as completed:

  • Your wallet has underpaid the original amount – In this case, our checkout screen should inform you of any additional amounts which need to be paid as long as the initial payment is picked up. Please send remaining funds to the original BTC address.
  • Your payment has a low transaction fee – If your payment does not have a sufficient fee attached, your payment might take longer than allowed to complete on the network and might even be considered invalid. If you send a low fee, and your transaction is not confirmed within 6 hours it will be refunded.
  • You are sending a payment from an exchange/coinbase – Exchanges often delay payments in order to batch them, This causes issues with invoices becoming invalid. If you send a transaction from an exchange, and your transaction is not confirmed within 6 hours it will be refunded.

Sometimes you realize you have made a mistake and purchased the wrong card, you no longer want the card purchased, or your transaction expired before getting a single confirmation. How do you get a refund?

*Important* – Refunds can only be issued if an order is either Awaiting Confirmations or is Confirmations completed. No refunds are issued on Processed Orders under ANY circumstances. This includes ALL orders processed fully or partially under our “Quick Delivery” fulfillment system. 

  • If you would like a refund, please reply to your order email stating your reason for a refund, eg: You have ordered an card instead of iTunes.
  • Emailing us will open a ticket in our customer support backend. Our customer service agent will put your order on hold and possibly contact you asking for your refund wallet address.
  • Your order will be refunded to your wallet address provided.
  • At the time of Refund, Coincards will deduct any bitcoin transaction fees at the customer’s expense which Coincards incurs to refund the payment. Coincards will use the “Standard” fee unless otherwise specified by the client.
    Ex: If your payment was for 0.01 BTC, and the fee to send you 0.01 BTC is 0.001 BTC, you will only receive 0.009 BTC to your wallet. 

We love hearing your feedback! We have multiple social media channels where you can let people know about us:

  • Twitter – Make sure to follow us, but even better tweeting about us helps us get the word out so much better!
  • Reddit – While we operate the /r/coincards subreddit, it helps us out a lot when reviews are posted on /r/Bitcoin or any other local cryptocurrency subreddits you might use
  • Facebook – Like and share our page!


Coincards has recently introduced our Referral Program.

Referring friends and family will earn you between 0.5 – 2.0% of all purchases made from your referrals.

Our referral program pays back in BTC.

If you are an exchange, wallet software provider, or other institutional entity who is looking to purchase gift cards in bulk please contact us via our contact page:




We are actively looking at expanding to include Ethereum and Monero but have no plans to include additional coins at this time.


Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash are not interchangeable.

Coincards only uses Segwit enabled addresses on Bitcoin, and Segwit addresses are not compatible in the BCH chain. Coincards does not transact in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and therefore does not hold the keys to any Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallets. Furthermore, Interacting in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with the same keys from our Bitcoin (BTC) wallets is considered a security risk.

Therefore, any Bitcoin Cash (BCH) sent to a Bitcoin (BTC) wallet are irreversible and should be considered as lost funds.

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