Reviews and Testimonials

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Emailed Feedback

  • “I enjoyed using and I recommend this service, for the transparency in communication, the flexibility of accessing various altcoins at checkout, and the variety of suppliers available for both physical and gift e-cards. Including Shapeshift in your checkout, which recognizes other altcoins that can be used and converted to Bitcoin makes it easy to complete transactions. Receiving timely emails updating me on the progress of the transaction is a great value-add feature that provides, respecting the customer, and ensuring that progress is being completed on their transaction. With 6 confirmed transactions within 20 minutes, I received another email to confirm completion of my request, followed by a series of emails from the various suppliers.”
    – Walter from Toronto


  • “I was googling a solution to buy Amazon e-gift cards in Canada when I stumbled upon I went through all the reviews and when I felt satisfied enough to buy from you, I spent $100 to buy an Amazon e-gift card. It probably wasn’t the wisest decision to spend that much money on a service that I barely trust, but I felt it was a good way to test the customer support if something went wrong. I did not have enough funds to purchase the $100 e-gift card (Bitcoin took a large transaction fee), and your customer support was very professional and kind. After a few emails back and forth, I let you convert the money I sent you as an Amazon e-gift card ($92). I then trusted you enough to send the rest of my Bitcoin wallet (~$26) to get a $25 e-gift card. Now I have enough money to buy a new hard drive. Thank you so much, I will be buying from you in the future :)”
    – Adrian


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