Terms and Conditions:

Last Updated: June 10, 2021

Stuff Technologies Inc. owns and operates a network of independent websites under the “Coincards” brand and trademark in a number of different countries. Each website is segregated by its own domain and operates independently of each other. The intention of Coincards is to assist its users in using cryptocurrency in their everyday lives. Each independent website under the Coincards brand is intended only for use by residents of the country for which that site is marketed. Coincards will not guarantee the usage of our products in any region/country outside of the specific country in which the products are purchased. Coincards will not guarantee the usage of our products by users who make purchases with retailers while outside the specific country the card has been purchased for or while using a VPN or TOR connection. All orders by customers who do not reside in the specific country are subject to their own risk; all processed orders are not eligible for exchange or refund.

Payment methods:

All prices are listed in the local currency of the specific country listed on the top bar of Coincards.

Coincards accepts Bitcoin (“BTC”) & Select Cryptocurrencies (“Altcoins”). Coincards may also offer select third-party integrations with independent services.

Currency conversion will be done at the time of checkout.

Payments from “Exchanges” and other Custodial Wallets:

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order at any time if your payment is made from a wallet that is considered Custodial.  Custodial wallets are wallets in which the user is not in control of their own funds; the user does not hold the private keys.


We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order at any time if the payment which is sent for the order is less than the amount required, as indicated on the payment page.

If your order is underpaid, whenever possible, Coincards will adjust the amount of the available balance on the card to match the amount paid rounded down to the nearest dollar. If a smaller card denomination is not possible, you will be contacted and issued a refund to the bitcoin address of your choice, minus any miner fees required to initiate the refunding transaction.

Underpaid orders are manually processed or rejected by staff and all calculations are based on current market conditions at the time of intervention.

Paid Late Orders:

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order at any time if the payment which is sent for the order has arrived past the expiration time allowed on the Coincards.com invoice.

If your order is Paid Late, whenever possible, Coincards will make every effort to complete the order in full. If the exchange rates of the applicable currency have dropped and fulfilling your order at the paid exchange rate is not possible, Coincards will adjust the amount of the available balance on the card to match the current exchange rates, rounded down to the nearest dollar. If a smaller card denomination is not possible, you will be contacted and issued a refund to the bitcoin address of your choice, minus any miner fees required to initiate the refunding transaction.

Paid Late orders are manually processed or rejected by staff and all calculations are based on current market conditions at the time of intervention.

Refund Currency:

Coincards.com operates on a Bitcoin-based accounting system. All payments which are made in Altcoins, are instantly converted to Bitcoin for accounting purposes.

By using the Coincards.com service, you agree that should a refund be required, you are willing to accept such refunds in Bitcoin and will provide a Bitcoin refund address for this purpose, regardless of the original purchasing currency. Refunds will be made based on the original Bitcoin exchange rates at the time of purchase and you agree that Coincards is not responsible for fluctuations between Bitcoin and Altcoin exchange rates.

You will have 30 days from the first contact with Coincards.com to claim your refund. All refunds which are required and not provided with a valid Bitcoin address within 30 days will be considered abandoned funds.

Exchange Rates:

Coincards accepts Bitcoin and also may accept other select altcoins at the current market rates. All purchases are locked into a market rate at the time an order is placed and for 30 minutes before expiring. This ensures the customer is getting a fair rate and knows exactly how much cryptocurrency the transaction will cost.

Area of Service:

Coincards is available in multiple countries internationally. Please see www.Coincards.com for a full listing of Coincards websites. Each website is marketed only to residents of a specific country and should only be used by residents of that specific country. Purchasing gift cards from a country in which you do not reside via one of Coincards international sites will be considered a violation of Coincards Terms and Conditions and may result in account suspension and removal of access to Coincards. Please ensure you are purchasing from within your country of residence.

Acceptable Use:

Coincards is for personal use only. Coincards is not meant to support access to gift cards for resale, business use or commercial purposes without prior consent. Business use customers must fill out an application and be approved for such purposes before purchasing. All purchases suspected to be made for resale, business, or commercial use are subject to cancellation and can result in the removal of access to Coincards network.

Merchant Issues / Cancelled Gift Cards:

While Coincards will work within our power to help any clients who have issues redeeming gift cards sold by Coincards.com, Coincards is not responsible for any instances in which a merchant terminates a gift card balance or a client’s account due to the merchant’s own policies or risk management policies. These include instances where the client is using a VPN or the use of the TOR browser, where the client is falsely representing themself by means of false identity, or in any instance where the merchant has deemed the client “High Risk”.

Processing Times:

Coincards processes all orders after 2 confirmations on the appropriate blockchain. Some orders may require manual intervention and approval, in which cases Coincards will strive to fulfill these orders within a maximum of 8-12 hours of receiving payment. Very large order volumes may take extra confirmation times and processing may be as long as 48 hours.

Daily Limits & Individual Order Limits:

Coincards has a daily limit which can differ in each of outs applicable country-based websites. Coincards daily limit is based on a revolving 24-hour timer. Coincards websites will prevent users from adding an amount above the daily limit. Coincards reserves the right to cancel any orders which are placed that exceed the daily limits or any orders which are thought to be an attempt to circumvent the set daily limits.

Cancellations / Refunds:

All orders are non-reversible and non-refundable unless a refund is granted by a Coincards senior staff member. If you have made a mistake in your order, you must immediately contact us to try to rectify the situation. We will work with our customers to help with any and all issues, however as most systems are automated, it is likely a refund will not be available.

Refunds are discretionary. Coincards is not bound by any previous instances of refunds and evaluates requests on a case-by-case basis.

Undeliverable and Returned Physical Gift Cards:

All orders which are returned to Coincards via the delivering courier and are deemed undeliverable will be held at Coincards offices. Coincards will make every reasonable attempt to contact the customer to confirm the delivery details and make an arrangement for redelivery. In the event that the client cannot be reached or fails to respond within 6 months of the items being returned, Coincards will cease contacting the client and all returned items will be resold.

Time Limit of Usage / Support:

Coincards.com is only able to assist with any issues that might arise from the issuance of codes up to a maximum of three months from the original purchase date. Any issues with codes past this three month period are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Coincards does not keep records of any codes issued past a three-month period.


The merchants represented are not sponsors of Coincards or otherwise affiliated with Coincards. The logos and other identifying marks attached are trademarks of and owned by each represented company and/or its affiliates. Please visit each company’s website for additional terms and conditions.


Trademark Usage Guidelines


CoinCards’ trademarks and brands are CoinCards intellectual property and are among our most valuable assets. In order to preserve and protect these brands, it is essential that they are used properly. Follow these Guidelines for using CoinCards’ trademarks and brands properly in all communications, documents, and electronic messages.

These Guidelines apply to CoinCards employees, customers, affiliates, partners, licensees, outside vendors, and other third parties. You may reference CoinCards’ products and services using the CoinCards trademarks, so long as such references are: (1) truthful, fair, and not misleading, and (2) comply with these Guidelines, which may be modified from time to time by CoinCards in its sole discretion. The CoinCards trademarks and brands should never be used in a way that could cause anyone wrongly to believe that your products or services are offered, endorsed, or sponsored by CoinCards, or any of its affiliated entities.

Terms and Conditions

Trademark Notices

Properly designate the status of CoinCards’ trademarks by using the correct trademark symbol (® or ™) reflecting CoinCards’ ownership of particular marks as set forth below. Also include an attribution of CoinCards’ ownership in the following format: “_______ is a trademark of CoinCards”

  • In letters, memos, press releases, white papers, advertising, slides, foils, video, and
    other multimedia presentations:

    • Properly designate (with ® or ™) all of CoinCards’ trademarks at the most prominent use (usually a headline) and again on the first occurrence in copy; and
    • In the case of presentation graphics, trademarks should be designated with the proper trademark symbol on each page, slide, and foil.
  • In newsletters, magazines, and publications containing multiple articles:
    • Properly designate (with ® or ™) all of CoinCards’ trademarks on the first occurrence in the document, in headlines and on the first occurrence in every article in which they are used.
  • In brochures, annual/quarterly reports, books, technical documentation, and other bound documents:
    • Properly designate (with ® or ™) all of CoinCards’ trademarks on the first occurrence in the document, in headlines, and on the first occurrence in text.
  • In all charts or graphs, properly designate trademarks (with ® or ™).
  • On all packaging, always use the trademark symbol in every reference.

Trademarks are Singular Adjectives, Not Verbs and Should Not be Made Possessive

Use the CoinCards trademarks only as adjectives followed by the appropriate generic product or service noun describing the relevant product or service (e.g., “the CoinCards® referral program platform is awesome!”). CoinCards trademarks should not be used in plural or possessive form or as verbs.

References to CoinCards

When CoinCards is used to refer to our company, “CoinCards, a division of Stuff Technologies Inc.”, rather than as a brand of product or services, then the rules for proper usage change slightly. Unlike trademarks, company names are proper nouns; they can be used in the possessive form and do not need to be followed by a generic term. Neither the ™ nor ® symbol should accompany references to CoinCards as a company.


Correct: CoinCards, a division of Stuff Technologies Inc., is now offering a referral program.
Incorrect: CoinCards®, a division of Stuff Technologies Inc. is now offering a referral program.

Ownership Assertion

Do not assert rights over any CoinCards brand or mark, whether by incorporating a CoinCards brand into your own product or service names, trademarks, logos, company names, or domain names or seeking a trademark or domain name registration for any term that includes a CoinCards brand.

CoinCards Logo Use

Do not make unlicensed use of CoinCards logos, such as the logos listed below. Third party use of CoinCards logos requires a license or written permission from CoinCards. If you are interested in obtaining a license to use a CoinCards trademark or logo, contact us to discuss your proposed use.

Style of Use

When using CoinCards’ trademarks: (i) use our Logos exactly as they appear below, and do not alter or distort their appearance in any way, for example, by adding your own design elements or changing the font, colors, or size; (ii) allow for clear space around our Logo; and (iv) maintain the legibility of our Logos and keep them sharp, clear, and well-produced. When using our Word Marks, you may not change their appearance by abbreviating them, incorporating them into acronyms, changing their spelling, using them in parts, or using improper capitalization.

No Trademark Bidding

Unless expressly permitted in an agreement between you and CoinCards, you may not bid on a CoinCards trademark (or any variant or extension thereof) as a keyword on any search engine, or use a CoinCards trademark (or any variant or extension thereof) in any form of paid advertising including, but not limited to, paid social and display advertisements.

No Tarnishment

You may not use a CoinCards trademark in a disparaging or degrading manner.

CoinCards Logos

The following is an illustrative, non-exhaustive list of logos and trademarks owned by CoinCards. Because this list of logos and trademarks and their status could change over time, including as we add new products and services, please review this section in these Guidelines periodically. Please note that the absence of a product or service name or logo from the list below does not constitute a waiver of CoinCards’ trademark or other intellectual property rights in that name or logo.

If you become aware of any usage of CoinCards trademarks or brands in violation of these Guidelines, please contact us.