The Lightning Network is here. Connect to Coincards!

Looking to connect? Our lightning network node is operational and has plenty of liquidity for both inbound and outbound transactions making it one of the best nodes to connect to when getting started!
Node Connection Details:

What is the Lightning Network:

The Lightning Network is often referred to as a second layer technology built on bitcoin. It is a decentralized network of nodes running specialized open-source lightning clients.

The Lightning Network allows bi-directional payment channels that allows users off-chain ownership and transfer of bitcoin. This is without the need for trusted third parties or the need to broadcast a transaction for each transfer.

Channels are opened via an on-chain transaction, and are also closed via an on-chain transaction. Value transfer between parties is instantaneous as soon as the channels have been opened but do not require further transactions to be broadcast to the on-chain network.

Payments can also flow through multiple channels, finding an optimal route to your recipient if it exists, meaning you don’t always need to open a new channel with who you intend to send funds to as long as the route to that party has sufficient funds.

With Coincards, this means that once you have funded a channel with us or if you have channels open with others who have channels funded with us, you can purchase any product and have your order payment completed instantly, allowing much faster delivery (Usually instant) on all gift cards!

Wallet Tutorials:

Coincards will be creating wallet tutorials for each of the major or most used wallets on the market. These tutorials are meant as a general guideline for how to use the lightning network to pay for goods on websites.
Regular Bitcoin Wallet Lightning Wallet Options
Project Website Open Source Android iOS Desktop Private Key Control Bech32 Receiving Address Segwit-Compatible Address Can connect to own node Requires own node Can open/close channels Can receive funds without Channel


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Eclair Mobile

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Joule Browser Extension

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Zap Desktop

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