Coincards Expands to the U.S.A.

Be Among the First to Check Out our Brand New US Product Catalogue

June 25, 2019 – United States – Starting today, Coincards is excited to launch a new catalog serving US customers, building upon five years of successful growth in the Canadian market. Originally bootstrapped in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2014, Coincards offers digital and physical gift cards, mobile top-ups and prepaid vouchers for major retailers and online platforms in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Additionally, Coincards implemented one the first active commercial integrations of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network in early 2018 and maintains its platform on open source Bitcoin payment processing servers. These infrastructural choices are evidence of Coincards’ strong commitment to Bitcoin community values around openness, innovation, and financial autonomy.

“Merchant’s are realizing that Bitcoin is here to stay,” said Mike Olthoff, Founder and CEO of Coincards. “Offering gift cards as a bridge is a natural choice for both the brands and the consumers. Retailers gain exposure to Bitcoiners, and Bitcoiners are able to live their lives with financial freedom”.

Coincards has always upheld the bold yet pragmatic mission of bridging the gap between cryptocurrency consumers and mainstream merchants, and the company’s trendsetting business model allows for a more rapid path towards global merchant adoption of cryptocurrency. By reducing the pain points of transacting with cryptocurrency, Coincards has opened doors for Canadian citizens to more effectively utilize their purchasing power. Additionally, this offramp for cryptocurrency users has significantly lower fees and overall costs than manual exchange between currencies.

As Coincards expands its service to the US market, the site proudly offers digital gift cards for some of the most popular brands, services, and restaurants in the United States including, Uber, Home Depot, Dominos, and more. Coincards is actively accepting partnerships with more USA merchants, to provide diverse options for customers to experience their favorite brands.

With this market expansion, the company will extend its hours for live customer support, and continue to build connections between the gift card commerce sector and the burgeoning cryptocurrency industry. As a crypto-native organization that has been around half as long as Bitcoin itself, Coincards’ growing team melds a customer-first attitude with a rare depth of knowledge of the intricacies of cryptocurrency and the technologies that surround it.