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Coincards now offers a referral program to allow our valued customers a way to share their experiences, all while earning Bitcoin on purchases their friends and family make!


We work with our referral partners to offer a wide range of flexible options!

Tiered Commissions

Earn more commissions with the more referrals you bring in! Our tiered rewards system ensures you are not only rewarded with each purchase, but also allows your rewards to grow as your traffic increases!

Payouts in BTC

Want to fund your trading account? Saving for the future? Want to buy some awesome gift cards? Commissions earned are tracked in USD, however, paid in Bitcoin to the wallet address of your choice.

URL Customization

Upon signing up, referral partners are able to give their referral link a custom username. Partners also have the ability to create campaigns which link back to specific pages and/or products. This allows partners to track where their traffic is coming from!

Direct Linking

Coincards offers the ability to register your domain with us, so that all traffic from your website generates affiliate commissions, even without a referral link!

Start Earning Bitcoin Today!