Order Statuses:

Below you will find an explanation of all the order status codes we use and what each one means. Please keep these in mind when making enquiries about the status of your order:

Payment Pending – Your order has been placed, however payment has not been acknowledged. Our system instantly picks up most payments as soon as they are made. If you have paid for your order, and its “Payment Pending” please contact support.

Here are three common reasons for your order not being acknowledged properly:

  1. The network fee was too low – The network fee is a fee required to broadcast your transaction to the network. If too low, the network may ignore your transaction.
  2. Underpaid – If you have not sent enough funds, your invoice may be underpaid and your invoice will show as still requiring a payment.
  3. Exchange/Custodial Wallet Users – If you sent your payment from an exchange, they will likely not send the payment to use within the allotted time frame. Most exchanges also take a fee from the users payment, causing underpaid issues. Please do not use an exchange or custodial wallet to send funds to Coincards

Awaiting Confirmations – Your order has been received and we are awaiting the needed confirmations to process the order. We require a minimum of 2 Confirmations on the blockchain before processing orders. Lightning Network Payments do not require confirmations and are confirmed instantly. Orders which are confirmed after 6 hours of the initial broadcast will be marked as failed and may require a refund.

Confirmations Complete – Your order has now achieved the needed confirmation threshold. This status usually only lasts upto 60 seconds as your order if processing. If your order remains in this status for over 10 minutes, please open a support ticket as it might require manual intervention.

Paid Late – Your payment was sent after the 30 minute timer expired. This was likely because your payment came from an exchange or a third party custodial wallet. Your payment needs to be manually approved, or cancelled. If cancelled, you will be contacted requesting a refund address at your cost. To avoid a “Paid Late” status, refrain from using exchanges or custodial wallets for purchases.

Processed – Your order has been completed and all vendors have confirmed that your gift cards are en route. If your order was shipped from Coincards offices, this status indicates your order has now shipped. No further action is required.

Failed – Your payment has failed. Your invoice may have been underpaid, or your payment was not confirmed within 6 hours of placing your order. Please contact Coincards for a refund.

Cancelled – Your payment was not received or your payment was received underpaid and your order has been cancelled.

If you have sent a payment, please contact Coincards through a support ticket for further steps.