Connect to Coincards using BlueWallet!

Looking to connect to Coincards using BlueWallet? Our node is operational and has plenty of liquidity for both inbound and outbound transactions making it one of the best nodes to connect to when getting started!

Use BlueWallet for quick and easy Lightning Network integration!

* Coincards is not partnered or affiliated with BlueWallet and makes no gaurantees on its software. This tutorial is strictly for information purposes.*


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BlueWallet - Spending on Coincards:

Using with the BlueWallet lightning wallet is super easy. We’ve written this quick how-to guide to get you started!
We’re going to start off by assuming you have BlueWallet installed on your mobile device and you have successfully funded it. From there, start off by visiting and selecting the country you want to shop from.
Next, Browse our vast selection of products and add products you want to your cart. Once your cart has everything you need, head on over to our checkout page! checkout and payments are powered by our own BTCPay Server instance.

After hitting the Proceed to BTCPay button, you will be redirected to our payment screen which defaults to on-chain BTC. For this tutorial, we want to use an off-chain lightning transaction.

Select the “Bitcoin” option and a dropdown will appear. Select “Bitcoin (Lightning)” from the menu. You will now have a BOLT11 invoice.

Click the “Copy” tab on the invoice and select the “BOLT11 Invoice” text to copy to your device.

Open your BlueWallet app up. If you copied the address from your invoice in the previous step, BlueWallet will automatically ask you if you’d to pay the invoice on your clipboard.

Click OK to paste the Coincards BOLT11 invoice!

BlueWallet will also confirm the amount and let you know exactly what Invoice ID you are paying. If you don’t see “Paid to” check the invoice again.

Click the “Pay” button to pay your lightning invoice!

Switch back to your screen and you will now see your invoice has been paid and accounted for.
Success! Your order is now completed and your order should be instantly processed with an email in your inbox!

Select your country to get started:

BlueWallet - Install and Setup:

BlueWallet has made installation very easy! Open up your freshly installed up and select the “Create a wallet” button. We suggest starting with a BTC on-chain wallet first as you will most likely need this to fund your Lightning wallet. We also suggest using BIP84 Bech32 as your address choice.

*Ensure you write your 24 word seed, as this will be needed for backup purposes should you ever lose this wallet*

Once your on-chain wallet has been created, you are only a few clicks away from creating your off-chain lightning wallet.┬áSimply click the “+” button under the wallets screen and select “Lightning” then press the “Create” button.

Your new lightning wallet is now ready to receive funds!

BlueWallet - Funding Your Lightning Wallet:

On BlueWallet, you can use custodial Lightning wallets (or choose to run your own node), that allows you to seamlessly use the Lightning Network for payments, without the need to open channels, be online, provide liquidity or operate and mantain a node.
To get started using the custodial channels, you will need to load funds into your wallet. You can do this by either:
1. Receiving funds from a lightning wallet
2. Sending funds to the offchain BTC wallet, then doing a “Refill”.
*At the time of writing this tutorial, this function does not seem to work so we are unable to verify/provide instructions*