Order Statuses:

Below you will find an explanation of all the order status codes we use and what each one means. Please keep these in mind when making enquiries about the status of your order:

Payment Pending – Your order has been placed, however payment has not been acknowledged. Our system instantly picks up most payments as soon as they are made. If you have paid for your order, and its “Payment Pending” please contact support.

Here are three common reasons for your order not being acknowledged properly:

  1. The network fee was too low – The network fee is a fee required to broadcast your transaction to the network. If too low, the network may ignore your transaction.
  2. Underpaid – If you have not sent enough funds, your invoice may be underpaid and your invoice will show as still requiring a payment.
  3. Exchange/Custodial Wallet Users – If you sent your payment from an exchange, they will likely not send the payment to use within the allotted time frame. Most exchanges also take a fee from the users payment, causing underpaid issues. Please do not use an exchange or custodial wallet to send funds to Coincards.ca

Awaiting Confirmations – Your order has been received and we are awaiting the needed confirmations to process the order. We require a minimum of 2 Confirmations on the blockchain before processing orders. Orders which are confirmed after 6 hours of the initial broadcast will be marked as failed and require a refund.

Confirmations Complete – Your order has now achieved the needed confirmation threshold. We will begin to process your order shortly within our normal operating hours.

Paid Late – Your payment was sent after the 30 minute timer expired. This was likely because your payment came from an exchange or a third party custodial wallet. Your payment needs to be manually approved, or cancelled. If cancelled, you will be contacted requesting a refund address at your cost. To avoid a “Paid Late” status, refrain from using exchanges or custodial wallets for purchases.

Awaiting Shipment – Your order has been received and payment confirmed. Your order requires an inbound shipment of gift cards to be received before your shipment can be sent. Your shipment will leave our facility within 10 business days of ordering. Please note that this status does not affect electronic gift cards or gift cards which are sent directly from the vendors fulfillment centers and some orders may have specific products which have already been shipped while in this status.

Partially Completed – Your order is currently in process and has been partially completed or requires further processing from Coincards.ca team. Certain items may be delivered during this stage.

Processed – Your order has been completed and all vendors have confirmed that your gift cards are en route. If your order was shipped from Coincards.ca offices, this status indicates your order has now shipped. No further action is required.

Failed – Your payment has failed. Your invoice may have been underpaid, or your payment was not confirmed within 6 hours of placing your order. Please contact Coincards.ca for a refund.

Cancelled – Your payment was not received or your payment was received underpaid and your order has been cancelled.

If you have sent a payment, please contact Coincards.ca through a support ticket for further steps.

Delivery Arrangements:

Coincards.ca supplies gift cards through our merchants accounts. All cards are ordered on an “as needed” basis and we do not stock any inventory. Most delivery arrangements are made by the company issuing the gift card with the exception of some cards.

Processing Times Updates:

We’re moving towards a system where all cards will be automatically processed for your convenience. However, a small number of cards, including mobile top-ups, still require manual intervention. While we’ll strive to process these as quickly as possible, please allow up to 24 hours for processing and delivery. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we enhance our services.

Delivery Methods (Physical Delivery):

In most cases, Canada Post standard letter mail will be used to deliver physical gift cards. We do not, nor does the merchant offer any sort of insurance against lost or stolen gift cards. If you wish to have insurance, or expedited shipping, please contact us before hand for alternative methods of delivery. Alternative delivery methods are not always available.

In some cases, Coincards.ca will ship the gift cards directly from our offices.

Due to a growing demand in physical gift card orders, all new orders could be subject to a 5 – 10 business wait time before shipping.

Delivery Methods (Email):

Please ensure your email address is correct at the time of order. We do not have any way of reissuing emailed gift cards to alternative email addresses. If your email address is misspelled, there is a good chance it will not be recoverable. Please also make sure to check your “SPAM” folder before contacting us about any lost gift cards as many email clients will flag gift cards as spam. Gmail users are also encouraged to check their “Promotions” folder.