August 2018 Feedback Summary and Comments

We Asked, You Answered!
Coincards Customer Survey Feedback

Thank you to everyone who completed our recent Customer Survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated as it gives us the best ideas of how we can serve the Canadian crypto community to the fullest.

We were happy to receive an overall positive rating of 97%, with users reporting that we have a great service, our variety of products is “amazing”, and that you LOVE our new instant fulfillment (on select cards) – we do too 😉

And you had suggestions on how we can improve your overall customer experience on our site, which included (but is not limited to): direct integration of more alt-coins, speedier delivery for physical gift cards, lower minimum card prices, lower convenience fee, offering of prepaid Visa/Mastercard, and more region specific cards (Quebec). Below we will address some of these suggestions head on:

Integration of additional coins for direct-payment

In an ideal crypto-world we would be able to easily accept transfers of any/all coins for our service. Unfortunately at this time it easier said than done.

First, to directly integrate new coins into our site these need to be coded into and supported by our payment processor, BTCPay. As this is an open-source project, it is up to each coin’s developers & community to put in the work to have their code integrated into the platform.

Additionally, when we look at integrating new coins into our site we need to evaluate the ease of conversion from coin to fiat. Not all coins are equal in their ability to be easily converted into fiat, which unfortunately is a necessity for us at this time.

We currently accept bitcoin, bitcoin lightning network, litecoin, dogecoin & dash directly!


Lower Convenience Fees

We are currently working towards lowering (or eliminating) our convenience fee on select products, by establishing relationships and direct partnerships with merchants. We appreciate your support & patience with this endeavor.


Expanding our Card Catalog

Coincards is always looking to add new & exciting brands to our site. While we wish that we could carry all of your favorite brands, there are definite limitations at this time. One of the most requested cards continues to be Costco. Unfortunately we were asked to remove Costco from our available brands, but we have been and will continue to work to reinstate these cards to our site.

We are currently working with our physical gift card distributor to have a broader access of cards for the entire nation, including region specific cards to Eastern Canada. In addition, we hope to implement direct shipping from our distributor, which will greatly decrease our delivery wait times.

You have expressed interest in lower denominations for the gaming cards that we offer, including Google Play, Steam, Nintendo, etc. We will continue to explore our options in obtaining these cards.

Due to the changing Canadian regulatory landscape, we will be unable to add Prepaid Visa & Mastercard to our site. These prepaid credit cards are handled and viewed completely differently than traditional gift cards, and would require much more regulation on our parts, which we are not willing to instill onto our users. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Thank you again to everyone that submitted your feedback. Be sure to check out our site regularly for new additions & changes. Follow us on Twitter & Facebook for the most up-to-date news.