Spending Monero on with

What is XMR.TO? allows customers to make a Bitcoin payment with the strong privacy provided by Monero. This means that using Monero together with, you can pay any Bitcoin address in the world while protecting your privacy, including those invoices generated by

How does it work? (tl;dr version)

  1. Proceed to checkout until you receive an Invoice with BTC amounts and open a new window to
  2. Copy Bitcoin details from the invoice: BTC address to pay, and the amount you need to send. Hit the ‘Create’ button.
  3. tells you how many moneroj you need to send.
  4. Once receives the moneroj you sent, bitcoin payment is sent and your invoice is paid.

How does it work? ( Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Using with Coincards is very simple and very quick. Start off by simply adding all of our desired cards to your Shopping Cart. Once you have selected all the cards you need, follow the checkout process and Select BTCPay as a payment method.

XMR Shopping Cart

XMR Checkout

Once you have checked out, you will be presented with an Invoice generated by BTCPay for, Select the “Copy” tab.

XMR BTCPay Invoice XMR BTCPay Copy Details

Open A New Window, Navigate To

XMR Website

Copy The Details From Invoice to, click “Next Step”

XMR Details Copied

Double check payment details, make sure they match the BTCPay invoice. Also, copy “Your Secret Key” in case anything goes wrong with the transfer and you need to contact support. Click “Proceed to payment”.

XMR Secret Key will advise the amount of Monero (XMR) and the address in which to send it to.


Open your Monero wallet and click “Send”, Copy and paste the Amount and Sending address from to your wallet. Send Payment.

XMR WalletXMR Send

Monero Payment will be broadcast.

XMR Send Confirmed will register the payment as soon as your Monero payment is made. You can stay on this page to monitor the status of your payment.

XMR Status

Once your payment has been made, will send BTC to receiving address which will mark your invoice as paid.

XMR Paid

Once payment has been received, your invoice will be set to “Awaiting Confirmations” on the system and will be processed as soon as 2 confirmations on the BTC blockchain happens. This is usually within 10-20 minutes of payment being received.

*Note, Invoices which are under 0.1BTC are sent for payment instantly, however, larger transactions processed through will require 2 confirmations on the Monero blockchain before payment in BTC is broadcast to Coincards.