Coincards Holiday Reminder 2020

Each year, in order to assist our customer’s prep for the gift-giving season, we send out & post a Holiday Shipping Cutoff Schedule. This mainly pertains to Physical/Standard gift cards, however, it does outline cutoff & delivery times for Digital/Electronic gift cards as well.

Unfortunately, this year as we all know has posed many challenges for all businesses & services. One service that has been greatly impacted is Canada Post, for which we use primarily for shipments across Canada. They have seen a huge increase of letter mail and parcels, which has caused significant delays nationwide. Due to their increased volume, Canada Post is not adhering to their usual “delivery standards” for all of their postage options, included tracked packages like Expedited, Xpresspost & Priority.

Canada Post expects that with the holiday season fast approaching their parcel load is going to explode in numbers, which may cause even further delays. Therefore, we would like to take this time to reach out to all of you planning to use Coincards for gift giving this year, to request that you start planning your shopping list now, and get your orders in ASAP.

We will continue to adhere to our own delivery standards for all physical orders, which as it currently reads is 5-10 business days processing time. This means that your order will be shipped from either our BC office location or QC distribution center, within 5-10 business days of being received by Coincards. Please note that we do not consider an order “received” until it has the necessary number of confirmations on the blockchain. Should we encounter any issues in the meantime that would prevent us from providing this delivery standard, we will advise/post about this immediately.

In regards to Digital/Electronic gift cards, we request that all orders be “received” by December 23rd to allow us to process & deliver your items in time for your holiday celebrations. We will remain open during the holidays (including Christmas, Boxing Day & New Years) however we will be working at a reduced capacity during this period, and our delivery standard will be effected – we guarantee that all orders that are not “quick delivery” will be processed once daily at 10:00 am PST.

As always, please reach out to us via Support Ticket, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp & Telegram, should you have any questions or concerns regarding this announcement or anything else that we may assist you with?

Thank you very much, and Happy Shopping 🙂

The Coincards Team